We4sea is looking for charterers of ships that want to have a better grip on fuel consumption for a pilot project, to prepare for Sulphur Cap, starting on January 2020. We have developed an alternative for the noon report based monitoring

Our new solution offers new ways to measure, manage and report on fuel consumption and related emissions of your (chartered) vessels – in real-time, without investing in on-board monitoring equipment.

  • Real-time transparency for your chartered fleet by reporting on fuel consumption, fuel efficiency and GHG emissions, including benchmarking.
  • You can identify more efficient vessels and reduce their bunker bills.
  • Provides the ability to monitor, benchmark, manage and report fuel consumption per journey and over time of your fleet
  • Benchmark vessels over your fleet to demonstrate the benefits of investing in efficiency.
  • Fact based: We are certified for Carbon Footprint reporting (for IMO and EU), direct CSR reporting

We look for charterers that are open for pilot projects to test our solution in real life.

Please contact us for details on

Poortweg 4A
2612 AP Delft
The Netherlands

EU H2020
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 877766.
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