We4Sea will be hosting a workshop on the Project Cargo summit, held in Rotterdam on September 11 and 12, 2019.

Dan Veen, co-founder of We4Sea, will host this workshop with the topic “Big Data put to use: Efficiency monitoring of ships” . Digitalisation is the keyword in many shipping conferences, but there are only a few usecases. In this workshop, we will show a use-case where Big Data drives CO2 reporting and fuel consumption reporting of ships. Topics discussed: What is the potential of Big Data in shipping, how can we use it to monitor shipping activity and carbon footprint reporting.

The Project Cargo Summit 2019 consists of a conference and trade fair. On the exhibition floor suppliers will show their latest innovations and products. Besides that, there will be numerous free to attend workshops during both days. The event offers a fresh approach to B2B-networking, in-depth information, business opportunities and excellent networking experience.

The workshop can be attended free of charge, and we hope to welcome you in Rotterdam!

Please register at

Schieweg 93
2627 AT Delft
The Netherlands

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