It’s all about the team!
Published date: 23/11/2020

An often undervalued part of building a successful company is the team.  We have learned that with the right combination of skills, experiences, personalities things start to fly. We realize that a good team is an important (if not even the most important) part of becoming a successful company.

Like Guy Kawasaki famously said: “Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” And successful implementation is all dependent on the team. It does not matter how great the idea is if they cannot pull it through.

We are therefore proud to announce we have grown the We4Sea team recently.  Pleased to introduce them:

Jelmer de Weerd has joined our team as Manager Operations, responsible for meeting our clients’ needs. As a naval architect, he brings strong technical knowledge to the team.

Dan-Cristian Moica will boost software development as Senior Back-end Developer. Dan-Cristian is an experienced Software Engineer who will lead the sprints within the development team,  and support the further development of our solutions.

Mattia Bonfanti has just returned from the USA,  where he cofounded Bioforcetech Corporation, a clean energy startup. Currently returning to the University of Delft to specialize in the field of Data Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, and joining the development team part-time.

Wouter Antheunisse has joined the team as a technical consultant, helping clients with performance assessments and building Digital Twins. Graduated from TU Delft as a naval architect, he’s ready to support in the most challenging technical issue (when he is not gone to the beach for kite surfing).

After a one-year career as a technical consultant at We4Sea, Remo Pas has now started his graduation at We4Sea.  He will research the Digital Twin development process.

Koen Beukers has joined as a developer, next to his graduation project at Swissair.  He will bring knowledge from aviation to shipping.

We’re proud that these guys will join the team, and work together with Amir, MichielErnst, and Dan.  Welcome on board!


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EU H2020
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 877766.
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