We4Sea offers solutions to measure, manage and report on fuel consumption and related emissions of your chartered vessels – in real-time, without investing in on-board monitoring equipment.

Monitoring the fuel-efficiency of chartered ships is difficult. Charterers need to rely on noon- data, reported once a day.  Noon-data is known to be a lagging indicator characterized by high potential for human error due to manually observed and reported average values. Also, it is not real-time, and by the time you realize that the fuel consumption is increasing, the moment to act on it has already passed.

Managing fuel consumption will be even more important after January 1st, 2020. From this date, all ships will need to comply to strict regulations on sulphur emissions, forcing the majority of ships to burn low sulphur fuels. This may increase bunker costs with 50% or more.

Our monitoring platform allows charterers and cargo owners to follow the performance of ships in real-time, without investing in on-board monitoring equipment.

Fuel efficiency and emissions are presented in real-time. If predefined thresholds are exceeded, an alert is raised for the operator to act on. The performance monitoring tool offers the insights needed to manage and improve fuel efficiency, reduce bunker costs and  enables reporting of  GHG emissions for Corporate Social Responsability.

Our solution offers great advantages:

We4Sea performance monitor

Our performance monitoring platform allows cargo, fleet and ship owners to follow the performance of their ships and cargo. Based on location and speed data of the ship, combined with meteo and seastate data, the instantaneous performance of the ship and each of its components is simulated and displayed. Fuel consumption and emissions are presented and can be calibrated with actual on-board measurements. The performance monitoring dashboard gives insight in the actual usage of your fleet, the relative performance of your fleet compared to similarly sized vessels and an overview of well-performing components and “efficiency killers”. The performance monitoring dashboard is the first step towards efficiency improvement.

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