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We4Sea has reinvented performance monitoring for ships, making fuel efficiency and emission reduction easy, fast and affordable.
We provide real-time, accurate, and actionable performance insights for your fleet - without the need for hardware.
Start monitoring your ship on performance today.

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We4Sea ship performance monitoringWe4Sea ship performance monitoringWe4Sea ship performance monitoringWe4Sea ship performance monitoring
Ship performance monitoring

We help you to improve the efficiency of your vessels

Ship performance monitoring

Real-time performance monitoring

We provide a real-time performance monitoring solution, using up to 480 datapoints per day and real-time feedback on performance, with a >95% global position coverage. We benchmark all noon-reported data using our unique Digital Twin based solution.

We4Sea ship performance monitoring

Performance Loss Assessments

Our improved method for Charter Party Compliance Assessments. We report on vessel performance for any time, any vessel, any weather. No more bad weather days!

We4Sea ship performance monitoring


We provide an accessible, browser based tool to assure easy and uniform vessel reporting.

We4Sea ship performance monitoring

Emission Reporting

We provide emission monitoring and reporting for charterers and ship owners, for EU-MRV, IMO-DCS and CII.


We are here for you,
No matter if you charter or own a vessel

For Charterers

We help charterers by monitoring and optimising the performance of their chartered vessels.

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For Ship Owners

We help ship owners by monitoring and optimising the fuel efficiency of their owned fleet.

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Both independent lawyers and firms of all sizes can turn to us for detailed performance assessments of vessels.

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We4Sea Performance Monitoring: Any vessel, any time, any weather


Please don't take our word for it: read what our clients say.

Bastian Schwarz
Head of Marine & Technical Department, EML

“We achieved a fuel cost saving of $150,000 in just 6 months’ time. The Digital Twin proved to be essential for the analysis in which we monitored the impact of hull fouling on fuel consumption. Using only noon-reported data, this analysis could not have been done."

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Ship performance monitoring
Michael Bonde
COO - Unifeeder A/S

“Unifeeder has signed a cooperation agreement to roll-out the We4Sea Digital Twin based performance monitoring solution across Unifeeder’s fleet. The aim is to reduce the fuel consumption and emissions of the ships."

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We4Sea ship performance monitoring Unifeeder
Teun Hofman
Manager Operations -Jumbo

"We4Sea assisted Jumbo to maintain service speed with a minimal fuel consumption per mile. The result: a 5.4% fuel efficiency gain and a 9.4% time gain. The Digital Twin proved to be essential for this analysis, as it could normalize the data for weather, speed, and draught. Using only noon-reported data, this analysis could not have been done."

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We4Sea performance monitoring
Kasper van der Heiden
R&D Manager - Jumbo

"Hardware-based solutions come at a high cost. To put a sensor on board, a factor 10 often can be applied to the purchase cost of the sensor itself, due to installation, maintenance, and calibration. Model-based monitoring can be done at a fraction of the cost."

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We4Sea ship performance monitoring

The ultimate guide to Model-Based Performance Monitoring systems for ships