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We4Sea provides the easiest, non-invasive monitoring solution for ships, making fuel efficiency and emission reduction easy, fast and affordable.

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We4Sea contracted by Roll Group for fleet-wide implementation ship performance management tool using Inmarsat Fleet Data
Big Data in shipping: Start small. Think big.
How much bunker costs do you spend on hull fouling?
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We4Sea offers solutions to measure, manage and report on fuel consumption and related emissions of vessels – in real-time – without investing in on-board monitoring equipment.
We4Sea provides the easiest, non-invasive performance monitoring solution for ships. Saving fuel and emissions is now easy, fast and affordable. You will no longer have to rely on the ships’ noon-reports, but will be able to check on the emission reporting at any time of the day instead 

We4Sea as the key to efficiency monitoring 

There are numerous ways to perform the necessary efficiency monitoring, but these are far from optimal. You could try to keep up with the ship efficiency by checking the noon-reports, or by installing extremely expensive devices on board, but these are both impractical and time consuming.  

How it works

Our data-driven platform can monitor, report and optimize the fuel consumption of your (chartered) ships. Using our unique, in-house developed Digital Twin concept, we have developed a radical new way of monitoring sea-going ships. We can monitor any conventionally powered ship within 24 hours, without requiring any new hardware on board. It takes all the important parameters into account, such as the weather data, the ships’ characteristics and even the fouling on the hull!  

Curious what else our solution is capable of? Try us! We’re sure you’ll be amazed.  

Useful for both sides of the charterparty 

When shipowners and charterers setup a contract, or charterparty, between themselves, the fuel price used to be a fixed number. Nowadays, times are changing. Charterers have gained influence because of smart measurement systems like our own We4Sea solutions and shipowners benefit from lower fuel consumption and cost as well. Below we’ve listed why both sides will find our solution for voyage and vessel efficiency useful! 


As a shipowner, the vessel efficiency is important for a number of reasons. First of all, the ever tightening rules and regulations in regards to emissions and environmental impact play a significant role. In addition to that, improving your ship efficiency allows for the charging of lower fees, which in turn improves your position in regards to the competition.  


In turn, charterers themselves can benefit greatly from our vessel efficiency monitoring tool as well. It helps to keep track of your cargo’s journey and allows for better positions when it comes to negotiations about price and other terms with shipowners. These are just a few examples of the many benefits and usefulness of the information provided by our tool! 

We’re here for you 

Should you have any questions about our tool or company, we will gladly answer them. Performance management services in energy efficiency is our main focus, but the tool can prove its worth in many more subjects and challenges. Our statement in regards to providing the easiest monitoring solution for ships is something we stand by and will gladly show you. Curious what this would mean for your company? Tell us about your challenges and we will tell you how we can help! 


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