Fuel efficiency for ships

We4Sea provides the easiest, non-CAPEX monitoring solution for ships, making fuel efficiency and emission reduction easy, fast and affordable.


Tracking within 24 hours

Independently certified

100% cloud-based
solutions for ship owners / managers :

Higher fuel efficiency
Lower emissions

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solutions for charterers :

Benchmarking of fuel consumption
Fuel cost savings

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We4Sea provides the easiest, non-Capex Monitoring solution for ships. Saving fuel and emissions is now easy, fast and affordable.

Our data-driven platform can monitor, report and optimize the fuel consumption of your (chartered) ships. Using our unique, in-house developed Digital Twin concept, we have developed a radical new way of monitoring sea-going ships. Requiring no new hardware onboard, we can monitor any conventionally powered ship within 24 hours.

Try us. We’re sure you are amazed.

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