Real-time Performance Monitoring Services for Charterers

We4Sea supports charterers in optimizing the efficiency of their chartered fleet, while reporting real-time performance.

Ship performance monitoring

The transition to more efficient shipping is inevitable.

Current performance monitoring systems for charterers, based on noon reports, are not sufficient to support this transition.

Real-time, fact-based information is essential for charterers to support in making decisions to improve vessel performance, optimize voyages, and benchmark vessel performance by correcting for weather impact.

We4Sea enables charterers to monitor, benchmark, and optimize the performance of their fleet – in real-time, without investing in onboard monitoring equipment.

Real-time performance monitoring
Emission reporting
Performance benchmarking
Charter Party Assessment
Pre-charter assessments
Performance Claim Support

Advantages for Charterers

How exactly does our product help you as a charterer? Well, first and foremost, through offering full transparency in vessel performance and actionable insights.

We4Sea provides charterers with an objective, data-driven and real-time performance monitoring solution for chartered vessels - without the need to install sensors onboard.  

Our unique Digital Twin concept is a radical new way of performance monitoring sea-going vessels in real-time.  We4Sea designs a unique and scientifically supported, algorithm-based Digital Twin for every monitored vessel.

We use over 80 unique characteristics of the ship to create this Digital Twin model, which is fed with real-time position and weather data, with up to 480 updates per day and a >95% global position coverage.

For standard vessel types, We4Sea has Benchmark Digital Twin models available, enabling you to start monitoring any moment. It helps you rate vessels on performance and focus on the vessels that underperform and bring down fleet efficiency.

Interested in how it works? Download our Whitepaper for detailed information on our Digital Twin.

No more Bad Weather Days - assess the complete voyage against Charter Party terms

Detect underperforming vessels in an early stage

Real-time speed advice during the voyage to optimize efficiency in real-time

Get access to all the data you need to substantiate performance claims

Benchmark noon-reported consumption versus expected consumption

Create pre-charter assessments, to establish the speed versus consumption curves and historic operational profile on any vessel prior to fixing it

Your business case

All investments require a solid business case. So, let's see how advanced, real-time performance monitoring is helping you to boost financial results.

On average, we see a 3 to 5% improvement in efficiency after the implementation of our solution. These are the results of relatively small changes, such as sailing at a more optimal speed and early detection of hull fouling and resulting cleanings.

As an example, for a chartered bulk carrier with 30MT daily consumption and 220 sailing days per year,  every 1% of fuel saving generates over 47,000 US$ in annual net savings per vessel.

Based on an average 3 to 5% savings per vessel, the annual net savings amount to 169,000 to 286,000 US$ per vessel.

Want to know more about the business case? Read our blog or reach out to us via

Learn more about We4Sea can help you become more efficient, sustainable, and competitive.