We4Sea Digital Twin

The Digital Twin is the heart of our technology with the power to increase the efficiency of your vessels.

We4Sea Digital Twin

How a Digital Twin boosts vessel performance

There are several ways to monitor vessel performance, but most are far from optimal.

You could try to keep up with the ship efficiency by checking the noon-reports, but this will be based on manual data-input, in hindsight and based on 24-hour averages.

Alternatively, you could install sensors on board, but these are both expensive and time consuming to install and calibrate. Also no historical data is available, and comparing vessels is impossible due to weather effects.

We developed a novel approach to performance monitoring. Using our unique, in-house developed Digital Twin concept, we have developed a radical new way of monitoring sea-going vessels. We can monitor any conventionally powered ship within 24 hours - without requiring any hardware on board. It considers all the critical parameters, such as weather data, the ship characteristics and even the speed through water!  Curious what else our solution is capable of? Try us! We’re sure you’ll be amazed.

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We4Sea Fuel monitoring dashboard for ships
We4Sea Fuel monitoring dashboard for ships

Our no-hardware approach

We use available wealth of data available without accessing the vessel: data on vessel position, speed, draft and heading, combined with weather data such as waves, currents and wind. We create a bespoke or a benchmark vessel model (Our Digital Twin) that we feed with the above mentioned data. The output of the model is what we call the Achievable Performance: the performance of the vessel assuming she is in new-built condition.
When the noon-reported or sensor-based data is collected, we benchmark the Achievable Performance with the Reported Performance. If all is well, they should be in line. If not, there is room for improvement.

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Your benefits

Our Digital Twin enables real-time fuel consumption monitoring of any vessel– without investing in onboard monitoring equipment. It brings full transparency and the possibility to benchmark consumption. See some of your benefits below.

No investment needed

By using our Digital Twin, you can enjoy our objective, data-driven monitoring solution for vessels - without the need to install sensors onboard. So no investments, no port stops, no engineers needed and online in less than 24 hours.


Our Digital Twin monitors your vessels in real-time, giving direct feedback on speed, weather and about 70 other KPI's. This allows you to make informed decisions and focus on the outliers.

Weather Impact

Our Digital Twin reports weather impact on both consumption and speed. This unique tool enables performance assessments and benchmarking of vessels in your fleet.

Enables Fuel-Savings

Powered by our Digital Twin, the Speed Adviser informs you on the optimal speed to reach your destination, balancing route, ETA, charter rate and fuel costs. This can save 5 to 10% in voyage costs.

Objective operational data

We supply objective and detailed data, with up to 480 datapoints per day on speed, weather and vessel positions with over 95% global coverage, even in High Traffic Zones.

Performance support

Our engineers are ready to support you with any question on vessel performance. We can also work on a project-basis to find the root cause of underperforming vessels.

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