We4Sea's new
Pre-Charter Assessment

In the business of sea freight, the performance of time-chartered vessels is paramount. We4Sea understands this and has innovated a service that will revolutionize the industry.

No more blind hiring

When aiming to improve fleet performance, the actual performance of newly added time-chartered vessels is crucial.

Fixing better vessels for your long-term time-chartered fleet improves your TCE with up to 5% - resulting in commercial gains up to USD 200,000 annually using current market rates.

Picture this, a tool that assesses a vessel's performance before it's even hired.

With We4Sea's new pre-charter service, charterers can make informed decisions about new additions to their fleet.

No more blind hiring, no more unexpected inefficiencies.

This is about taking control, about knowing a vessel's capabilities before it is chartered by your company.

Using actual, recent operational data, We4Sea is now able to establish the actual performance of any speed-instructed vessel.

It could even be that a vessel that looks worse on paper, will outperform in reality. We will tell you upfront.

We4Sea's new pre-charter services are about maximizing commercial gains, based on using actual operational performance data.

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Your business case

All investments require a solid business case. So, let's see how pre-charter assessments help you to boost your bottom line.

Imagine you are being offered two Kansarmax bulk vessels, let's call them A and B. These vessels are described at 13 knots @ 25 MT/day, at identical dayrates.

In a pre-charter assessment, We4Sea analyzed the last 3 months of actual operational data. It revealed that there is a significant difference in actual performance between the two vessels, even though Vessel B met the CP - due to the traditional 0.5 knots margin for "about".

Due to this better actual performance, and using actual market rates, we analysed that vessel A outperformed CP by USD 3.6 per mile, and has a USD 7.4 per mile better commercial performance compared to vessel B.

Cost per mile for a time chartered bulk vessel

Based on an average 40,000 annual miles, the annual net gains for vessel A vs. B amount to USD 298,000.

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