Services for Others

We4Sea offers many services for other stakeholders in the maritime industry, such as governments, law firms and financial institutions. Read more on our services below.

Ship performance monitoring

The transition to more efficient shipping is inevitable.

Current performance monitoring systems, such as noon reports, are not sufficient to support this transition. Real-time, fact-based information is essential for charterers to support in making decisions to improve vessel performance, optimize voyages, and benchmark vessel performance by correcting for weather impact. We4Sea enables you to monitor and benchmark of any vessel – in real-time, without investing in onboard monitoring equipment.

Direct insight into the operations of your clients’ ship
Emission reporting
Performance benchmarking
Pre-purchase assessments
Pre-purchase assessments
Charter Party Assessment

Advantages for our clients

How exactly does our product help you as a charterer? Well, first and foremost, through offering full transparency in vessel performance and actionable insights. Charterers can enjoy our objective, data-driven monitoring solution for ships- without the need to install sensors onboard.

We4Sea provides an objective, data-driven monitoring solution for ships.  Our unique Digital Twin concept is a radical new way of monitoring sea-going ships in real-time.  We4Sea designs a unique and scientifically supported, algorithm-based Digital Twin for every monitored ship. We use over 80 unique characteristics of the ship to create this Digital Twin model, which is fed with real-time position and weather data.  Interested in how it works? Download our Whitepaper for detailed information on our Digital Twin.

Direct insight into the operations of your clients’ ship

Showing the benefits of your solution, through simulations of your product on your customer’s ship

Supporting your sales process through ROI calculations, based on the customers operational data

Allowing your sales staff to benchmark different options on-the-spot

Reporting on fuel consumption, emissions, costs and value-added.

Learn more about We4Sea can help you becoming more efficient and sustainable