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Bastian Schwarz
Head of Marine & Technical Department, EML

“We achieved a fuel cost saving of $150,000 in just 6 months’ time. The Digital Twin proved to be essential for the analysis in which we monitored the impact of hull fouling on fuel consumption. Using only noon-reported data, this analysis could not have been done."

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Ship performance monitoring
Erik Hofmeester
Head of fleet management - Samskip

"Samskip is very motivated to be the greenest supplier in market, also in future. Monitoring ship performance and taking informed decisions based on data is a no-brainer.”

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Teun Hofman
Manager Operations -Jumbo

"We4Sea assisted Jumbo in our goal to maintain service speed with a minimal fuel consumption. The result: a 5.4% fuel efficiency gain and a 9.4% time gain. The Digital Twin proved to be essential for this task, as it could normalize data for effects of weather."

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We4Sea performance monitoring
Kasper van der Heiden
R&D Manager - Jumbo

"Hardware-based solutions come at a high cost. To put a sensor on board, a factor 10 often can be applied to the purchase cost of the sensor itself, due to installation, maintenance, and calibration. Model-based monitoring can be done at a fraction of the cost."

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We4Sea ship performance monitoring