Services for Ship Owners

We4Sea supports ship owners in optimizing the efficiency of their owned fleet, while reporting real-time performance.

Ship performance monitoring
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The transition to more efficient shipping is inevitable.

Current performance monitoring systems, such as noon reports, are not sufficient to support this transition. Real-time, fact-based information is essential for owners to support in making decisions to improve vessel performance, optimize voyages, and benchmark vessel performance by correcting for weather impact. We4Sea enables shipowners and -managers to monitor, benchmark, and optimize the performance of their fleet – in real-time, without investing in onboard monitoring equipment.

Real-time performance monitoring
Optimize vessel speed during voyage
Performance benchmarking
Pre-purchase assessments
Emission reporting (EU-MRV/IMO-DCS)
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Advantages for ship owners

As a ship owner or manager, there are many advantages and benefits to be found in using our We4Sea tool. The Digital Twin enables many different services which would have otherwise been very time-consuming or downright impossible. To give you an idea of these, we’ve listed your benefits below.

No need for hardware or sensors onboard, so no CAPEX, port visits, or time off-hire

Any vessel will be online within 24 hours

Full reporting on KPI’s that matter to you, using our real-time dashboard

Weather-corrected fuel consumption data: we tell you exactly how much fuel spent on weather

Full integration and benchmarking of noon-reports

We include over 30 real-time data sources in our tools

Daily growing database on all vessel movements, for future analysis of your vessel performance and serving as a speed optimizer

No long term contracts, but a flexible subscriptions that can be changed on a monthly basis

We can include up to 4 years of historical operational and weather data.

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