How to solve your performance data issue

Most, if not all, charterers and ship owners struggle with performance data issues.

They rely on manually reported data, reported once per day, often in an email or excel-based template. The result is that the whole maritime industry is struggling with improving data quality while spending huge amounts of time and costs on manually correcting data and fixing typing errors. Also, the reported data is susceptible to tampering, as anyone will try to avoid performance claims.

The good thing, however, is that most of the reported data is already available somewhere. We just do not use it. 

Some examples: Arrival and Departure port names are already entered into AIS data, same as a draft. Distance sailed is available using satellite data. Accurate weather is available using NOAA and ECWMF (hindcast) weather models, based on satellite observations. Speed is available through satellite AIS tracking. And the list goes on and on.

So how can you harvest all this data and solve the performance data issue?

How a Digital Twin can help you to solve the performance data issue - in real-time

One of the ambitions of We4Sea is to provide full transparency in ship performance data. We're proud that we have managed to improve performance data quality over time, boosting data accuracy and reduce errors for our clients.

Using a Digital Twin, we can automatically collect performance data each 3 minutes, and generate over 80 data keys which are important for analysing ship performance.

Our last analysis showed we now have 96% global coverage for our performance data, even in high traffic zones like South China Sea and North Sea.

And, as there is no "human in the loop", the performance data is very objective as it cannot be tampered with.

Using all this data, the need and dependency for manual reporting is far less. It means less burden on the crew, but also lower costs for data checks and corrections.

Our goal is to lower the dependency on manual reports.  For vessels sailing at instructed speed, we now just need three data points from the vessel per leg! This means over 90% reduction in the need for reported vessel data. 

Take back control of your performance data 

We4Sea is now able to supply about 80 data points for each commercial vessel.

These include position and weather, but also derived values such as Speed Through Water, Weather Impact or Speed Loss. With up to 480 data points per day, we will solve your performance data issues. 

Do you want to see how we can boost your performance data, and show you what  our data can do for your business?

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Trust us, you will be amazed.