P&O Ferries and We4Sea sign contract on vessel performance monitoring

P&O Ferries and We4Sea sign contract on vessel performance monitoring

P&O Ferries and We4Sea have signed a cooperation agreement to roll-out the We4Sea Digital Twin based performance monitoring solution over the P&O Ferries chartered fleet. Aim is to reduce fuel consumption and emissions from ships.  

P&O Ferries are one of the UK's largest ferry operators with a vast fleet of ships serving a network of ferries to France, Belgium, Holland, Ireland, England and Northern Ireland.

We4Sea, a Rotterdam based maritime scale-up focussing on increasing the fuel efficiency and reducing the emissions of seagoing ships, uses a Digital Twin based analysis as part of their online software platform. The Digital Twin is used to provide ship charterers and ship owners with improved analysis tools.

As part of their continuous efforts to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, P&O Ferries and We4Sea  have agreed to roll out the monitoring solution over the P&O Ferries chartered fleet.

Digital Twin used to analyze performance

P&O Ferries is not the owner of many of the vessels they operate. We4Sea’s software module has been developed with a focus on charterers, that do not have direct access to the vessel and do not have the option to install monitoring equipment.  

The proprietary Digital Twin technology of We4Sea enables the building of a digital sister vessel with all relevant technical characteristics of the real vessel. This data is enriched with other data sources, such as data on vessel speed, draught, weather conditions, wave heights, currents, and wind. The Digital Twin is capable of transforming this big data pool into real-time actionable management information.

This technology does not require the installation of hardware on-board and is therefore ideal for charterers.

Optimizing vessel efficiency

Charterers like P&O Ferries can use a web-based platform to continuously monitor the fuel consumption and carbon emissions of their chartered vessels in real-time.

The software solution supports full transparency as to the operations of ships, and is used to optimize fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.


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About We4Sea B.V.

We4Sea (est. 2016) combines years of experience in maritime technology with research at Delft Technical University and TNO (the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research). Based in Rotterdam, We4Sea offers data-driven solutions for monitoring and optimizing the fuel efficiency of ships. www.we4sea.com


About P&O Ferries

P&O is a leading pan-European ferry and logistics group at the heart of Europe’s economy and a part of DP World, the leading provider of smart logistics solutions and enabler of the flow of trade acrossthe globe. P&O Ferries is a major provider of freight transport andpassenger travel services, sailing on eight major routes between Britain,France, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, Holland and Belgium.

Its logistics business, P&O Ferrymasters, operates integrated road and rail links to countries across the continent including Italy, Poland, Germany, Spain and Romania, and facilitates the onward movement of goods to Europe from Asian countries via the Silk Road.

Every year P&O Ferries carries more than 10 million passengers, 1.6 million cars, and 2.2 million freight units.