Most charterers monitor performance by using noon report data that is collected manually at sea and reported back to shore once per day. This noon data is the basis for performance claims. We believe that using noon data is not sufficient. Now, high-quality vessel performance data can boost your success rate in the settlement of such claims.

In a recent project, We4Sea was approached by a charterer that suspected severe underperformance of one of their chartered vessels,

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Agreement announced after We4Sea trials application using Fleet Data on Heavy-lift vessels

27 May 2021 –  Dutch performance monitoring company We4Sea and Inmarsat, the world leader in global, mobile satellite communications, have signed an agreement for We4Sea to join the fast-growing group of over 40 certified providers offering applications via Inmarsat’s digital solutions Fleet Data and Fleet Connect.

The announcement coincides with news of a first We4Sea-Inmarsat collaboration to secure fleet-wide uptake for We4Sea’s web-based vessel performance monitoring service.

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We4Sea joins SMM 2021
Published date: 15/01/2021

Unfortunately, we cannot attend SMM, the leading international maritime trade fair, due to COVID-19.

However, you can still meet We4Sea at SMM!  On the occasion of SMM Digital 2021, which takes place February 2-5, 2021, we invite you to meet We4Sea. You can meet us at the virtual B2B-Networking-Event MariMatch, hosted by our friends from the Enterprise Europe Network.

This event has been designed as a partnering platform for visitors and exhibitors of SMM,

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DELFT (NL), October 10, 2020 –  We4Sea B.V. (We4Sea) has upgraded its performance monitoring solution in response to Sea Cargo Charter initiative. Aim is to assist bulk ship charterers to report emissions in compliance with this guidance.

The Sea Cargo Charter initiative announced on October 7, 2020, sets a new benchmark for responsible shipping, transparent climate reporting, and improved decision-making for large industrial corporations in line with United Nations decarbonisation targets.

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Aarhus (DK)/DELFT (NL), July 1st, 2020 –  Unifeeder A/S and We4Sea B.V. have signed a cooperation agreement to roll-out the We4Sea Digital Twin based performance monitoring solution across Unifeeder’s fleet. Aim is to reduce the ships’ fuel consumption and emissions.

The Unifeeder Group is an integrated logistics company with the largest feeder network and rapidly growing shortsea business in Europe, the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent and South East Asia region with connectivity to more than 150 ports.

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We4Sea is monitoring the fuel-efficiency of the LNG carrier that performed a world-record breaking LNG bunkering on March 27, 2020. The total quantity of LNG delivered was almost 3,300 metric tons, making this the largest LNG bunkering to have ever taken place. The delivery took less then twenty-four hours to complete.

The use of LNG considerably reduces harmful local emissions and emits less CO2 than other commonly used fuels.

We4Sea has advised the charterer Titan LNG on the most efficient speed,

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DELFT, December 10, 2019 – Upgraded We4Sea Carbon Emissions Monitoring module receives full certification for both IMO-DCS as EU-MRV emission monitoring.

We4Sea developed a cloud platform that offers advanced solutions to optimize the performance ánd reduce fuel consumption and emissions of seagoing ships.

We4Sea recently expanded their a existing software module,  in response to the IMO Data Collection System (DCS) and European Monitoring, Reporting & Verification (MRV) regulations.  These regulations require all ships larger than 5000 Gross Tonnage to monitor,

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We4Sea joins Seadevcon 2019
Published date: 16/09/2019

The SEADEVCON ‘19 ( will take place on the 26th and 27th of September, integrated into the 11th Hamburg Climate Week. The annual event, which is taking place for the second time, will focus on the contribution of CO2 emissions from commercial shipping and maritime tourism to climate change.

SEADEVCON ’19 will bring together experts from the maritime business, representatives from shipping companies, researchers and academics, developers of hard- and software technologies,

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We4Sea featured in an article published by Shipbuilding Industry in their August 2019 issue.

You can read the article on page 8 to 10.


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We4Sea featured in an article published by SWZ Maritime in their June, 2019 issue.

You can read the article on page 44 (in Dutch).


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We4Sea will be hosting a workshop on the Project Cargo summit, held in Rotterdam on September 11 and 12, 2019.

Dan Veen, co-founder of We4Sea, will host this workshop with the topic “Big Data put to use: Efficiency monitoring of ships” . Digitalisation is the keyword in many shipping conferences, but there are only a few usecases. In this workshop, we will show a use-case where Big Data drives CO2 reporting and fuel consumption reporting of ships.

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The value of EU-MRV data: a quick analysis
Published date: 04/07/2019

We4Sea did a first quick analysis on the EU-MRV emission data published by the EU Commission on June 30, 2019. With some remarkable results….there are clearly some issues with the data.

Go to the article

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We4Sea releases software update – accurate and real-time Digital Twin based fuel consumption monitoring without investing in on-board monitoring equipment

DELFT, June 19, 2019 – In less than 200 days , the mandatory IMO regulations to reduce sulphur emissions from ships, also known as Low Sulphur Cap, will be implemented. These regulations will increase fuel cost for most ships, with up to 50%. It creates a direct need for fuel efficiency for ships.

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We4sea is looking for charterers of ships that want to have a better grip on fuel consumption for a pilot project, to prepare for Sulphur Cap, starting on January 2020. We have developed an alternative for the noon report based monitoring

Our new solution offers new ways to measure, manage and report on fuel consumption and related emissions of your (chartered) vessels – in real-time, without investing in on-board monitoring equipment.

  • Real-time transparency for your chartered fleet by reporting on fuel consumption,

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Interview VPO Global with We4Sea
Published date: 04/03/2019

VPO Global spoke with Mr Veen about how the start-up plans to achieve this target and deliver fuel efficient shipping.

Read the full article here:

Fuelling efficient shipping with Dutch start-up We4Sea

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ENERGIIQ energy innovation fund, Mainport Innovation Fund II en informal investors invest in maritime startup We4Sea

The Hague, 11 February 2019 – We4Sea, a Delft-based maritime startup, has secured new funding to accelerate the development and roll out of its platform for monitoring seagoing ships’ fuel consumption and emissions. Thanks to We4Sea’s software platform, ships can optimise their use of fuel and drastically improve efficiency. The investment by ENERGIIQ, Mainport Innovation Fund II and angel investors was announced by Adri Bom-Lemstra,

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DELFT, October 17, 2018 – We4Sea is now officially certified by Verifavia for both IMO-DCS as EU-MRV emission monitoring.

We4Sea developed a world’s first non-Capex fuel monitoring solution, to optimize the performance ánd reduce fuel consumption and emissions of seagoing ships. We4Sea collects vast amounts of operational data of a ship, such as position, draft, speed and heading. This data is sent to shore, where it is enriched with other data sources, such as weather conditions,

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Dutch start-up We4Sea leverages big data and Marlink’s global multi-band satellite network to reduce fuel consumption and emissions as 2020 sulphur cap draws closer.

Oslo/Paris/Delft, August 20 2018: Marlink has signed a partnership agreement with We4Sea, establishing a relationship to further leverage its smart connectivity strategy and provide innovative fuel efficiency solutions to the maritime industry. The strategic agreement will see Dutch start-up We4Sea leverage Marlink’s broadband satellite communications network, digital solutions and contacts to further test,

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Combining a ‘digital twin’ with high resolution tide and current data has enabled We4Sea to generate the next generation of vessel performance data, says Penny Haire, managing director, Tidetech.

Please follow the link to read the full article:

Keeping a weather eye on vessel performance monitoring


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On March 27th, 2018, after an exciting pitching session, We4Sea was selected by the jury of the Young Business Award Foundation, as one of the two winners of the semi-finals. Hotelchamp was the second company selected for the finals. The second semi-finals in April will decide who the other two companies competing for the title of best young company in the Netherlands.

We’re very proud that the jury has selected us. It supports our mission to make a real change in shipping.

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Maritime start-up We4Sea launches new release of Fuel Monitoring platform for ships
New Big Data technology enables no-CAPEX fuel monitoring

DELFT, THE NETHERLANDS March 18st , 2018 – We4Sea, a young maritime technology start-up focussed on increasing the fuel efficiency of seagoing ships, has launched a new version of their fuel efficiency platform. With the launch, We4Sea is now able to monitor and report on the fuel consumption and emissions of ships without installing sensors.

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We4Sea joins Green Award as Incentive Provider

Data analysis company that cuts the fuel bill of ships

ROTTERDAM,  DELFT November 8th, 2017 – We4Sea, a maritime technology company focused on increasing the fuel efficiency of seagoing ships, has joined the Green Award Foundation as an Incentive Provider. With the cooperation, We4Sea wants to express their support in rewarding high environmental standards in shipping, and to make sustainable ship operation economically more attractive.  

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DELFT, September 11th, 2017 – We4Sea is now officially certified by Verifavia for EU-MRV emission monitoring.

We4Sea developed a cloud platform that offers advanced solutions to optimize the performance ánd reduce fuel consumption and emissions of seagoing ships. We4Sea collects vast amounts of operational data of a ship, such as position, speed, heading and engine data. This data is sent to shore, where it is enriched with other data sources, such as weather conditions,

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Nescos Shipping has selected We4Sea to monitor and report CO2-emissions for their fleet. 

The Dutch company We4Sea has signed a contract to monitor the 6 ships under management of Nescos, starting January 1st, 2018. Data about position and shipping speed will be combined with data onboard of the ships, such as fuel consumption and cargo details. This data is presented on a web platform, providing Nescos online with a clear picture of the actual fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of their ships.

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A2B-online Container, GoodFuels and We4Sea launch project to reduce shipping emissions

Biofuels and Big Data used to decrease CO2 for A2B-online Container ships

AMSTERDAM, DELFT, MOERDIJK 21 August 2017 –  A2B-online Container, GoodFuels Marine and We4Sea launch a collaboration project with the aim to reduce fossil fuel consumption and CO2-emissions for two A2B-online ships. Big Data technology is used to map the possibilities for more efficient shipping operations.

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We4Sea on Dutch national TV
Published date: 11/07/2017

On July 10th, our CEO Dan Veen commented on issues related to emissions of shipping in the Dutch national TV program EenVandaag, following the IMO’s 71st session in London.

EenVandaag July 10th 2017

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Yeah! We just got the news that We4Sea is selected as one of the 100 most innovative SME’s in the Netherlands! It strengthens us in our mission to make ships more fuel efficient.

Sorry, in Dutch only….

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Schepen gebruiken veel energie. Vaak kan 50% van de operationele kosten van een schip worden toegerekend aan brandstofkosten. Naast hoge kosten, leidt brandstofgebruik ook tot vervuiling van de lucht (roet, fijnstof, stikstof- en zwaveloxides) en draagt het bij aan het broeikaseffect (koolstofdioxide).

Het gaat bij de scheepvaart snel om grote getallen. Een normaal kustvaartschip verbruikt per dag rond de 8 tot 10.000 liter gasolie. Bij grote containerschepen, met ruim 19.000 containers, loopt het verbruik op tot 200.000 liter per dag bij 22 knopen.

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An international audience of industry experts and innovators gathered together on November 2nd for the Ship Efficiency Awards 2016 to celebrate the spectacular array of individuals and organisations committed to driving ship efficiency through technological innovation, strategies and initiatives.

The 3rd annual Ship Efficiency Awards were hosted by Lloyd’s Register and organised by Fathom Maritime Intelligence.
Our lauching customer Flinter Management was awarded the Inititiative of the year Award, for their initiative to share data to suppliers,

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Rijkswaterstaat en We4Sea starten Big Data project om scheepsemissies te reduceren

Big Data ingezet  om  brandstof en CO2 te besparen bij schepen van de Rijksrederij

DELFT, 1 November 2016 –  Rijkswaterstaat en We4Sea starten een monitoringstraject voor twee schepen van de Rijksrederij, met als doel om emissies en brandstofverbruik van deze schepen te verlagen. Big Data technologie wordt hierbij gebruikt om een goed beeld van het verbruik van de schepen te vormen en te zien welke mogelijkheden er zijn om zuiniger te varen.

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DELFT, November 1st, 2016 –  Today, on November 1st,  the  Big Data Fuel Monitoring platform of We4Sea will be officially launched.  As it goes with in the maritime industry, the platform will be christened using a champagne bottle by Ms. Ellen Visser, director at the Dutch Rijkswaterstaat (Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment).

On Earth Day, April 22nd, 2016,  the young Dutch ship-monitoring company We4Sea announced a project to  utilize big data in order to cut fuel costs and reduce ship emissions.   

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Lancering We4Sea platform op 1 november
Published date: 26/10/2016


De afgelopen maanden hebben we, samen met vele partners, launching customers, mentoren, coaches en financiers, hard gewerkt aan het ontwikkelen van een platform om schepen te monitoren, analyseren en optimaliseren op het gebied van energie-efficiëntie. Alles met als doel schepen zuiniger en milieuvriendelijker te laten varen.

Op 1 november 2016 willen we, naar goed maritiem gebruik, dit platform dopen. Graag willen we u hiervoor uitnodigen.

De inloop is vanaf 15:30 uur,

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NetWave Systems and We4Sea, both from The Netherlands, have launched their partnership today, with a focus on reducing fuel consumption on seagoing ships. Both companies want to play an active role in making the sector, which transports over 90% of all goods, more sustainable.

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We4Sea has been selected to participate in the semi finals of the pitch-contest of the Accenture Innovation Awards 2016. More info at

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