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The amount of greenhouse gasses emitted by the international shipping industry is significant and growing daily. About 940 million tons of CO2 enters the atmosphere on a daily basis, which means that the shipping industry is responsible for approximately 2,5% of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. The European Union is trying to change this and has made efforts, in conjunction with other countries, to achieve that goal. One of the measures which stem from that effort is that the sectors’ emissions are monitored, reported and verified, which is something we can help you with! Before we get into that, we will tell you a little bit more about the EU-MRV.

What is the EU-MRV exactly?

As mentioned previously, the letters MRV in EU-MRV represent the three duties covered in this European legislation. These duties consist of Monitoring, Reporting and Verifying the CO2 emissions of all ships over 5000 gross tonnage when sailing in European waters from 2018 onwards.

The EU-MRV is the first part of the European strategy to reduce CO2 emissions by the shipping industry. Outlined in 2013, the strategy is as follows:

  1. Monitoring, reporting and verifying CO2 emissions of large ships which visit European ports.
  2. Setting reduction targets for the greenhouse gas emissions of the shipping industry.
  3. Initiating further measures, including market based solutions for the middle- to long term.

How We4Sea helps you in regards to the EU-MRV

We’ve launched our software module in response to the European emission regulations for ships.  Our tool is designed to help to comply with these regulations, and in addition we support you with many more useful features. Below, we’ve elaborated on how this works.


Our We4Sea tool collects all of the relevant data in regards to the EU-MRV, which means your monitoring plan can consist solely of the usage of the tool. This requires minimal effort from your side and makes compliance trivial.


All of the collected data is visualized in a report, generated by our tool. Through your online dashboard, you can simply download this report and continue with the verification step of the MRV process.


The legislation requires you to get your report verified. Since our tool has been certified by Verivafia, the reports generated through We4Sea will always be compliant with EU-MRV. This means that the verification process will become a formality.


Certified by Verivafia

As mentioned, our EU-MRV-module has been independently certified by Verivafia’s MRV experts in regards to the demands within the EU-MRV regulation (2015/757) in terms of process and functionality and has been proven to comply! This means that our data collection method, calculations, and reporting are entirely compliant with the EU-MRV. Furthermore, the module has the possibility to download your data in a fully compliant XML file which you can upload directly into the EU reporting tool Thetis. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Why the EU-MRV is so important

The sector is evolving into a more sustainable and transparent market. The EU-MRV matters, because it represents an important step in that process. Without action, emissions will most likely see a strong increase in the future. According to the latest IMO-study regarding greenhouse gas emissions by the shipping industry, the amount of emitted greenhouse gasses would increase by 50 to 250%. This would undermine the goals set in de Paris Climate Accord. Therefore, it is paramount to take action.

Luckily, the emissions by the shipping industry can be reduced in a cost-effective way. These reductions can be achieved with numerous technical and operational adjustments. Examples of this are such as planning routes based on weather data,  sailing an optimal speed and adding efficiency-improving measures. These adjustments generally reduce greenhouse gas emissions in addition to significant reductions in cost, which often exceed the required investments. This, obviously, makes them incredibly worthwhile.

We’re here for you!

At We4Sea, we have tried to make compliance with the EU-MRV regulation as simple as possible. If you still have questions on the way our tool works, how we guarantee compliance with current legislation, or any other matter, feel free to contact us. We will gladly tell you more!

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